Pacemakers was founded in 2009 by a group of Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Associate Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCAs). The Company has been focused on providing business and finance transformation services, in order to promote and deliver quality services to its clients.

The objects of the Company, as enunciated by the Executive Management are:

  • To provide consulting services and business transformation services
  • To provide exceptional finance & accounting services to its clients with the objectives to drive process efficiencies, profit maximization, and a complete finance transformation;
  • To provide staff augmentation services to our clients and partners;
  • To provide cost-effective and world-class operational services to its clients;
  • To develop, invest, and incubate the businesses that are consistent with the company’s space;
  • To consistently grow with our global business affiliates for sales and development of the Company’s services and solutions.

The Company’s strengths include the ability to work directly with senior management to define strategic objectives, design best-practiced state of the art business processes, then translate them into technological solutions, utilizing best of the breed business applications, directly impacting your bottom line.