PaceMakers Business Consultants has a broad portfolio of services which are provided in a tailored fashion to achieve specific business goals, ensuring that its processes are dynamic enough to meet the evolving market, regulatory and industry demands. We deliver our services keeping in view several critical success factors that can facilitate effective delivery of services, some of which are below:

  •     Management Commitment
  •     Decisiveness
  •     Measure, monitor, and manage project risk
  •     Effective scope management
  •     Competent delivery team
  •     Agile delivery process


Whether serving public sector organizations, owner managed businesses, private individuals or listed companies with overseas operations, our broad range of services cater to all the needs of our clients with the primary goal of helping our clients move forward with confidence.


PaceMakers Services provide corporate services to help you set up and support your business in the short, medium or long term. The key to our working style is partnership. We start by understanding your business model and the challenges that your business may face, then bring on board experts from our bench of exceptional resources to provide the precise corporate services you require, and work with you to propose solutions that answer your needs and fits your business model.  The specialist corporate services that you can avail are described as follows:

   Incorporation of Company

Incorporation of a company can be an annoying exercise considering the fact that you would have to deal with bureaucratic organizations that operate in a slow paced environment. Our corporate solutions offer services where you can have your Company incorporated smoothly and efficiently with no hassle at all. Our team of well-trained and qualified professionals ensures that your Company is incorporated in the shortest possible time without compromising on the effective regulatory guidelines.  We offer an end to end solution following a 4 step method for the incorporation of the Company which is depicted as follows:


   Statutory Filings

We offer solutions on retainer ship basis to meet your statutory filing requirements. Be it filing of Form A / Form B, Form 29 or any other filing requirement originating as a result of your corporate restructuring or changes in executive management, auditors and legal advisors. The solution has evolved as a cost effective replacement of a full time corporate secretary and is capable of serving the needs of small and medium sized enterprises.


PaceMakers Tax services are designed on the fundamentals of deploying a well-organized, integrated approach that anticipates and assesses the impact of frequently changing tax laws.  The services are aimed at delivering real saving to the client. Our services comprise of a broad range that is not limited to filing returns but also entails handling of appeals and audits on Federal as well as Provincial/State levels. A competent tax bench, with resources who have built up enormous experience in tax advisory services, PaceMakers can prepare and deliver a tax model that revolves around the principle of savings and evades the risks of appeals and audits.

Our taxation solution is a complete end to end solution designed to cater to the needs of our clients that includes:

  • Registration with FBR / SRB for Income Taxes & Sales Taxes
  • Filing of Annual Income Tax Returns with FBR
  • Filing of Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Sales Tax Returns with FBR / SRB / any other    provincial authority
  • Filing of Monthly & Annual Withholding Income Tax Returns with FBR
  • Handling Income Tax Audits
  • Handling Withholding Tax Monitoring
  • Preparation of opinions and advices in the capacity of tax advisers


Over the past two decades, accounting outsourcing has evolved into a competitive strategy where organizations outsource their accounting function to specialists, regardless of the size and nature of their business. Our Accounting Outsourcing services is built on the fundamentals of deployment of industry’s best  practices complemented by  qualified accounting professionals that  are  experts  at  applicable International  Financial   Reporting  Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and  supplementary  laws   and   regulations. With our accounting outsourcing solutions, the management can divest itself from a non-core function and focus on strategic decisions deriving the overall organizational performance.  PaceMakers accounting outsourcing model is based on optimizing its internal processes, capacity and resources to execute solutions aimed at delivering long term advantage to its clients. The model focuses on hybrid delivery with a balanced combination of resources present on client’s premises and on PaceMakers premises.


PaceMakers follow an end to end solution where the entire accounting function of the client is outsourced to PaceMakers. The main sub-functions that can be outsourced are:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Bookkeeping in Quickbooks, Xero and Free Agent
  • QuickBooks, XERO, Free Agent Reconciliation

The broad process flow for each of the above function is described as follows:

Accounts Payable:


PaceMakers Business Consultants helps clients realize and identify the true business potential with gaining edge on newer markets and possibilities with the wide spectrum of high-end services in the management consulting domain. Foremost, PaceMakers Business Consultants empowers the financial  and enterprise centric performance to create innovative and  productive  environment to transform  the  organization’s capabilities to achieve high paced business value and growth. PaceMakers engineers the turnaround strategy for operational excellence for organizations to streamline and synchronize business priorities. We help our clients to be placed confidently in the competitive domains to conduct business at an advantage. With the objective to improve the business performance of our clients, our exceptional team of management consultants can deliver a comprehensive strategy or help you built up your ideal business model focused  at positioning the client’s organization in the leadership domain.

Strategy Development

We have experienced turnaround professionals to provide practical corporate restructuring advice and design turnaround strategies that are designed for your specific business needs.  Our consultants serve as an extension of your team to help your organization become a high performance business entity. Depending on the scope  and  circumstances, our consultants can help you with gaining more market share, increasing profitability, increase approval ratings, boosting customer satisfaction or completing a project under budget. We follow a four step process to develop an inclusive strategy for your organization. We follow a three step strategy development process while keeping in focus the vision, mission and objectives of the Company:



Stage 1: Strategic Analysis

In this first stage, we develop a comprehensive understanding about the organization and   the environment in which it is operating:

Organizational Analysis

We examine your resources, liabilities, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. By utilizing SWOT Analysis for uncovering what you do well and where you have weaknesses. It's much easier to achieve your objectives when your strategy uses your strengths without exposing your weaknesses.

Environment Analysis

We examine your current operating environment to predict where things are moving. Are there exciting opportunities that you should pursue? What future scenarios are likely in your industry, and how will these impact the work that you do?

PEST Analysis & Porter's Diamond are used as starting points for analyzing your environment. They show where you have a strong position within the larger environment, and where you may have issues.

As we prepare to create your strategy, we make sure that you're working in a way that's aligned with changes in your operating environment, rather than working against them. These external factors are often beyond your control, so if you pursue a strategy that requires a change  in one of these elements, you may have a long, exhausting, unprofitable battle ahead of you.

Market Analysis

We develop a strategy that defines   how you'll win, and winning is typically framed by how well you satisfy your customers. For-profit companies must keep   their customers and   shareholders happy.  Our methodology for strategy development focuses   deeply on these needs.  We perform detailed Stakeholder Analysis to uncover the needs and preferences of your stakeholders. Furthermore, our competent research bench performs detailed research to identify market segmentation and which sub-populations can we reach cost-effectively. Finally, we identify the optimal Marketing Mix that can help you maximize your top line.

In a traditional for-profit company, we get a detailed understanding on how  your products compare with competitors' products, and what your competitors' competencies & market shares are. How easy, or difficult, is it to enter your market? What alternatives do customers have?

Stage 2: Strategy Formulation

During Stage 1, we develop an understanding of how your organization or team fits within the context of the internal and external environments.  In the following phase, we develop a comprehensive business model for all functional departments including HR, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Production, R & D and Procurement. The individual functional models are compiled into a strategic organization wide model and NPVs and IRRs are calculated based on the model. The business model creates multiple decision trees and a detailed decision matrix analysis performed. Simultaneously, the business model is tested for Risk Analysis, Impact Analysis, Breakeven Analysis, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis.


Stage 3: Strategy Implementation & Management

Based on all the analysis performed in the stage 2, the strategy is finalized and implemented through the most authenticate and dynamic change management models.  After implementation, the  strategy  is  consistently monitored through VMOST Analysis, Balanced  Scorecard, KPI Management and  monitoring of customer expected reactions and  stakeholder reactions. Furthermore, strategic reviews are periodically performed to ensure that the originally designed strategy is in place and does not require revisions.

Financial Modeling

Continuously evaluating the impact of changing business environment and external factors has become an essential part of business management. Companies in a stable position can soon find their situations to change, thus forcing Companies to continuously assess their financial fitness. We can help you derive your financial model that is based on the principles of optimization of capital, costs & taxes. Furthermore, our services can help you with a pre-due diligence exercise for acquisitions, disposals and mergers. The model can help you as a base case and can aid in scenario analysis, simulations and exceeded probabilities. We follow a six step approach to develop the financial model that is depicted as follows:



Successful organizations recognize that an effective internal audit service can make a very positive contribution to the management of risk and the smooth operation of the business.

Our internal  audit professionals can  work with you  to understand  your business strategy and  its associated business drivers, and  how  that strategy is delivered through an  appropriate operational business plan  and  process framework. Your stakeholders will benefit from experienced independent professional evaluations and a review of the quality and effectiveness of the control environment within your organization.

Where areas are identified for improvement, we can work with you to help you identify solutions and achieve your objectives through our internal audit services or through helping you reengineer your business processes to achieve  operational and financial efficiencies.

   Internal Audit Services

Our Internal audit services focus on the nature and  scope  which  are agreed with the client and are intended to add  value  and improve an organization's governance, risk management, and control processes without the company assuming management responsibility. The scope and objectives of the IA are based on our preliminary analysis and meetings with the client’s management. The work plan for internal audit services is distributed into three distinct steps:


Step-1: Preliminary Analysis of Finance & Operations

Our expert representatives have detailed discussions with operating management to identify core business processes and associated risks. This includes understanding on organization structure and manning, Key high-level information, sufficient understanding of the financial and operational processes in place, documentation and adequacy review of accounting and internal control systems, risk management and governance environment.  Additionally, we identify management's concerns and work with them to define expectations.

Step-2: Develop the IA Charter and risk based IA plan

In this step we provide an organizational framework so that the IA function improves its chances of contributing effectively to the achievement of the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives. The Charter establishes the Internal Audit Office’s position within the organization; authorizes access to records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of engagements; and defines the scope of work.

We formally define the purpose, authority, and responsibility of the internal audit activity in an internal audit charter, consistent with the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics, and the Standards. Internal audit charter is periodically reviewed and presented to senior management and the board for approval.

Step-3: Devise a risk management methodology for active M&C

A process in which key business process transactions and controls are constantly assessed. This permits ongoing insight into the effectiveness of controls and integrity of transactions running with them. We deliver Monthly Internal Control Review Report (ICRR) appraising control inefficiencies and providing risk based recommendations on how to achieve  control objectives.

  Business Process Reengineering

With an emphasis on a holistic focus on business process objectives, our competent management consultants thorough rethinking all business processes, job definitions, management systems, organizational structure, work flow, and underlying assumptions and beliefs help the client in breaking away from old ways  of working, and effecting radical (not incremental) redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical areas such as cost, quality, service, and response time through the in-depth use of information technology. PaceMakers Business Process Reengineering Service is a six stage process which is depicted as follows: